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Credit defrauds

Is when a person/ organization requests and receives a loan with an intention of not servicing it but rather to disappear with money. Is when someone requests an asset (asset financing loans) without intentions of servicing the loan but to rather cause financial loss to the lending institution. Someone requests financing pays; along the way he fails to service the loan obligation and decides to disappear by doing the following.

Candidates of Credit Defraud

  • Banks
  • Money lending institutions/persons
  • Asset financing institutions

Characteristics (any three makes a person a candidate)

  • Removes the vehicle tracker.
  • Switches off the known telephone contacts
  • Changes the known address /location
  • Sells the asset registered as security
  • Removes the caveats.
  • Giving false documentation (Bank statement, national ID, work ID)

Approach to Credit Defraud

  • Report a case of Obtaining money by false pretense if it was money given OR
  • Report a case of forgery OR
  • Report a case of obtaining goods by false pretense in case it was asset financing OR
  • Report a case of defraud which ever case applies.
  • Assign master security to investigate the case alongside Uganda police case.
  • Send the case details to credit defraud section of Master Security Here

Terms and conditions

  • Pay as you order Here you pay for the service as in process. Payments include court order charges, mobile money statement payments, call records payments, Fuel expenses, field expenses as receipts and payment vouchers may indicate. On task completion, for amounts below 5M UGX payment is 25% of value and 20% 5M- 10M UGX and 15% for values above 10M
  • Payment after the arrest Here all the Transactions carried out during the operation are noted and a flat rate of 30% of value due is paid on arresting the suspect.
  • Payment after alignment Here the costs are fully covered by Master Security and a value of 35% of the amount due is paid when the suspect is presented to court or when the complainant reaches an agreement with the suspect.

Note: The percentage payable to Master Security is Negotiable depending on the amount of funds involved in the transaction.

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